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Do you want a new look for your smile? If you have chips, gaps, discolorations or other dental flaws, you can give yourself a smile makeover with resin composite or porcelain veneers. You do not need to fix every dental issue that impacts your smile’s appearance – cosmetic dental veneers can hide these flaws and give you the smile you always wanted. At First Smile Family Dental, we design and install gorgeous porcelain veneers, resin composite veneers and perform complete smile makeovers at our dental center in Federal Way, WA.

Dental veneers are cosmetic shells that are placed on the outside of your teeth to create a new appearance. Porcelain and resin composite are the most desirable materials for veneers due to its natural appearance and stain-resistance. Veneers are ultra-thin and fit over the front of your teeth to change the color, shape and size of your teeth. Some of the cosmetic flaws that can be hidden behind veneers include:

  • Stains on enamel
  • Deep or internal tooth discolorations
  • Gaps
  • Crooked teeth
  • Uneven or short teeth

With porcelain or resin composite veneers, you can have a smile that is perfect in color and shape without the extensive treatments needed to change your teeth. In about two weeks or less, you could have a brand-new smile that is ideal for your facial balance.

Cosmetic Dental Veneers

For a smile makeover with cosmetic dental veneers, our cosmetic dentist will discuss what you want to achieve with your new smile. Dr. Nguyen can design your new smile digitally so you can see what your new smile will look like before it is created in a dental lab. To place veneers on your teeth, a thin layer of tooth enamel is removed to make room for the veneers. An impression of your teeth is taken, and it is used to create veneers that fit perfectly on your teeth. Once the veneers are completed, they are bonded to your teeth. Veneers can last 10-15 years if maintained, before they need to be replaced.

If you want a new smile, veneers are a permanent solution to change your smile’s appearance. To learn more about smile makeovers with cosmetic dental veneers, contact us at First Smile Family Dental in Federal Way, WA, to schedule your consultation.


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  • Susan C.

    I absolutely LOVE Dr. Nguyen! She was kind, compassionate, and exactly what I need in a dentist! She made me feel comfortable right away and genuinely cared about me as a person, AND the health of my teeth!

  • Terry H.

    From the time my husband and I walked in the door to walking out it was absolutely amazing!! The care from the receptionist to the technician to the dentist was without a doubt the most professional caring understanding staff. I am not one who enjoys the dentist but they made it so that I was very relaxed and look forward to going again.

  • Kyle G.

    Top of the line customer service from the front desk to the dental chair. Really happy with not only the doctor, but her assistant and everyone that worked there. The cleaning was expertly done, all photos and decisions were thoughtfully explained and I learned new things about my teeth that I did not know before.

  • Teo T.

    AMAZING! The best dentist I have ever been to! I felt well taken care of. I was greeted right when I walked in. The Center is very clean. Dr. Nguyen and her staff are very nice and they pay attention to detail to make sure you get the best dental care! I would definitely recommend to anyone who needs dental care to come to this place for excellent service.

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