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Icon representing Cosmetic DentistryFirst Smile Family Dental is proud to offer laser dentistry services to our Federal Way community. We know that a trip to your dentist can come with some discomfort; for many kids and even some adults, this can lead to dental anxiety. Standing by our belief that exceptional dental care should be available for everyone despite their age, laser dentistry offers more comfortable options for numerous dental procedures.

What is Laser Dentistry?

Lasers are used by our dental professionals to remove or shape small portions of tissue within the mouth. The light beams emitted are narrow and highly focused. These lasers are more effective and preferred by many when compared to traditional tools like dental drills. Laser dentistry can be a perfect option for various dental procedures ranging from simple to complex. Our mission to provide the best patient experience possible is supported by our commitment to using state of the art technology. We strive to constantly bringing our patients the latest advancements in dentistry to ensure comfortable and efficient procedures.

The Benefits

There are undeniable benefits when looking at laser dental work, the overarching one being little to no pain. Which ultimately means less discomfort and an overall more pleasant experience. There are also more technical benefits to consider when evaluating the option of laser dentistry. Procedures involving soft tissue generally require sutures. It is common that sutures are less likely to be needed with the use of lasers. This is because less damage is caused to the gums when compared to dental procedures where traditional tools are used. Some of us, including many children, jolt at the thought of oral injections. Another benefit produced by laser dentistry is that anesthesia may not be necessary and eliminates the need for poking. Maybe a pinch or a poke isn’t too concerning, but the site of blood leads to you avoiding the dentist. While it won’t eliminate bleeding, there will be significantly less bleeding as the laser promotes blood clotting. It is also worth mentioning that bacterial infections are less common post-procedure. This is because the laser sterilizes the area while simultaneously eliminating tissue. Laser dentistry is more efficient and allows procedures to happen in less time. Overall, these benefits lead to less healing time and allow us to provide the comfortable experience we prioritize with all of our patients.

Treatments Offered

  • Reduce TMD Pain
  • Treat Aphthous Ulcer/Herpetic Cold Sore Ulcer
  • Tooth Desentization
  • Sulcular Desentization
  • Biopsy Oral Soft Tissue
  • Exposure of an Unerupted Tooth
  • Reduce Trigeminal Neuralgia Facial Nerve Pain
  • Soft Tissue Crown Lengthening
  • Periodontal Pocket Reduction
  • Frenectomy
  • Gingivectomy/Operculectomy
  • Abscess Incision and Drainage
  • Pulpotomy

Gemini ™ Laser

While there are many laser options suited for dental work on the market our choice is the Gemini™ Laser. It is our tool of choice because of its efficiency and ability to complete procedures faster without compromising integrity. It was developed with the patient in mind and we are confident that combined with our experienced professionals it will lead to a pleasant experience.

Whether you or someone in your family is considering laser dentistry make sure to consult with a qualified dental professional. If you are located in the Federal Way or surrounding Seattle area we encourage you to contact us. Let First Family Dental provide a convenient and more pleasant experience with laser dentistry.



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  • Susan C.

    I absolutely LOVE Dr. Nguyen! She was kind, compassionate, and exactly what I need in a dentist! She made me feel comfortable right away and genuinely cared about me as a person, AND the health of my teeth!

  • Terry H.

    From the time my husband and I walked in the door to walking out it was absolutely amazing!! The care from the receptionist to the technician to the dentist was without a doubt the most professional caring understanding staff. I am not one who enjoys the dentist but they made it so that I was very relaxed and look forward to going again.

  • Kyle G.

    Top of the line customer service from the front desk to the dental chair. Really happy with not only the doctor, but her assistant and everyone that worked there. The cleaning was expertly done, all photos and decisions were thoughtfully explained and I learned new things about my teeth that I did not know before.

  • Teo T.

    AMAZING! The best dentist I have ever been to! I felt well taken care of. I was greeted right when I walked in. The Center is very clean. Dr. Nguyen and her staff are very nice and they pay attention to detail to make sure you get the best dental care! I would definitely recommend to anyone who needs dental care to come to this place for excellent service.

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